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in collaboration with Algorand Foundation

Our mission

The Fintech Lab coordinates scientific research, literacy and policy initiatives dedicated to the economic analysis of digital transformation in financial services. We aim at fostering the adoption and regulation of new technologies to promote those financial applications that are most beneficial to society.

Where we are

The Bocconi University Baffi-CAREFIN Bocconi research center provides us administrative support, hosts our office spaces and IT infrastructures.

Our partners

The Bocconi Fintech Lab initiative is operated in collaboration with Algorand Foundation that is supporting the research hub financially and through its network of competencies.
The Lab operates as a research hub and, beyond internal Bocconi resources, it coordinates and fosters also external collaborations with national and international research, education, policy, and regulatory institutions.  



Steering Committee

Governance of the Lab is managed through the Steering Committee. It supports the Scientific Director validating the research agenda, reviewing the research progress and exerting the coordination effort that is necessary to make the Lab individual initiatives compliant with the regulations and aims of the institutions that are involved.


  • Anna Battauz, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods for Finance and Director MaFinRisk Master Program
  • Stefano Caselli, Professor Algebris Chair in Long-term Investment and Absolute Return and Vice Rector for International Affairs
  • Co-Pierre Georg, Algorand Foundation Economic Advisory Committee Member
  • Donato Masciandaro, Intesa Sanpaolo Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation and Director Baffi-Carefin Research Centre
  • Massimo Morini, Algorand Foundation Chief Economist
  • Fulvio Ortu, Professor of Finance and Director of Department of Finance

Scientific Director

Institutional relations

  • Sara Caratti, Corporate Donor Relations Manager, Market&Partners.
  • Doro Unger-Lee, Algorand Centre of Excellence Program Manager.

Visiting students

Students hired through the ‘talents program’ currently involved in the Lab activities

Visiting scholars

Scholars who actively participate to the Lab activities.


Elena Suragni


Research Initiatives

Research Projects

The current Lab priority is supporting production of high-quality applied research
In the following broad areas

  • Digital Currencies with a special focus on CBDC.
  • Crypto Financial Markets and Institutions. (DeFi etc)
  • Blockchain, the Economy and the Law.
  • Big Data and Machine Learning support for financial Applications




In this section you will find positions which are currently open at the Lab.
In particular, the Lab offers on a permanent basis the following opportunities:

  • Write your thesis at the Fintech Lab
  • A ‘Talents program’ for students willing to participate to the Lab research projects as Research Assistant or Internships
  • A ‘Talents program’ for PhD Students willing to undertake a research initiative in one of the scientific research topics that are the focus of the Lab.


News & Events

February 22nd, 2022 - webinar

Introduction to Blockchain and Decentralized Finance on The Algorand Platform


Fintech Laboratory
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