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Rules - Research Unit on Law and Economic Studies



Unit Directors: Filippo Annunziata & Oreste Pollicino

For three decades now, the relationship between law and economics has been constituting one of the themes that receives more attention in the field of legal science at the international level. Building on the pioneering work of Coase, Calabresi and Posner, to get to the more recent ones of Polinski and Shavell, the law & economics has established itself, in particular, as one of the most influential movements in contemporary legal science, both as a tool to innovatively develop conceptual models for understanding legal phenomena, both with reference to the ability to influence the decisions of the judges and of the legislator.

The research unit Rules has been created with the aim of redefining on original foundations the relationship between law and economics in the field of legal science. This relationship between law and economics cannot be based on the mere acquisition by the legal analysis of tools developed by other sciences. In order to be useful, this relationship must rather be seen as an equal dialogue between different research methods, conceptual and cultural traditions that keep their diversity, but that can complement each other in order to understand the main features of many areas of social regulation, both in order to draft proposals to the legislator.