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Conference on Alternative Datasets for Macro Analysis and Monetary Policy

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Banque de France  and Bocconi University (BAFFI CAREFIN and BIDSA) organize a conference on “USING ALTERNATIVE DATASETS FOR MACRO ANALYSIS AND MONETARY POLICY” on 17-18 October 2019 in Milano. The conference will cover a variety of themes related to the use of alternative datasets for economic analysis and monetary policy, such as:

•             Econometric methods for the analysis of large unstructured datasets

•             Structural analysis with large datasets

•             Large micro datasets for monetary policy

•             Monetary and macro models estimated with alternative datasets

•             Empirical analyses based on heterogeneous agents models

•             Macroeconomic now-casting and forecasting with alternative datasets

•             Early Warning Systems based on large datasets

•             Use of alternative datasets for emerging economies

•             Text-mining techniques

Michael McMahon, University of Oxford, and Domenico Giannone, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will give keynote lectures.

If you would like to receive the programme and participate, please contact